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About Us

Working hostels Australia is a booking based service designed to assist travellers manage their regional work. The main focus of Working Hostels Australia is providing a system for hostels to manage you as a guest whilst adding security and safety to completing your regional work. We have partnered with the countries best Working Hostels and Worker friendly caravan parks to create the first ever STAR rated service booking system for backpackers.

A Working Hostels Australia staff member has inspected each and every hostel and caravan park, ensuring a standard of quality is provided. Those businesses that reach our minimum of 3 stars in our 5 star rating systems are then invited to become Working Hostels Australia represented hostels.

When arriving at one of our associated hostels, the booking fee you pay entitles you to a number of benefits. The fee provides your entry into the hostel and instantly puts you on the path to acquiring your regional work. You are also provided a number of perks through our website, these include access to an 88 day calendar with regular updates on your days left with your own personal log in to you profile which includes all the information you will need about visas and how to apply.

Working Hostels are considered to be hostels that are not only accommodation providers, but also network within the communities that they are located to find employment for their residence on local farms and associated industry.

Working Hostels Australia list only the hostels that our team consider to be the best and most professionally run in Australia.

In areas where there is a lack of hostel accommodation - caravan parks can instead be utilised where seasonal workers are invited to stay. As transport is not usually arranged in these circumstances, this accommodation type is best utilised by backpackers with their own transport.