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Fruit Picking NSW – Earn and Roam Around Australia

Posted on 29th of Jan 2015

Every backpacker dreaming of visiting Australia can earn little money engaging in fruit picking work. There is ready work available all year round and the work covers most of the state.

Fruit picking NSW jobs is seasonal work. There are various wage rates for different weather conditions. It is an extremely tiring work process and demands a lot of physical work and labor. It is an easy and quick way to earn money as there are many fruit farm owners who can pay up more than 100 dollars. Whilst some farmers pay according to the bucket one picks or if working in the shed then the pay rates are based on the number of boxes packed and other such factors. Fruit Picking NSW is ideal for backpackers as these provide for accommodation as well as free meals along with the job at hand. There are excellent options available with different fruit picking jobs Australia.

Fruit picking NSW is an ideal way of earning by picking various fruits like orange, cherries, apple, pears, mangoes and many more. The specific locations around New South Wales have good climatic conditions that suits well for good harvesting of many fruits and vegetables. This regional work of fruit picking offer you a great opportunity to earn money and stay bit longer in Australia.

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