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Get Working Holiday Visa in Australia for Exploring and Working in Australia

Posted on 24th of Feb 2015

If you are an ardent traveler and wants to explore the mystic beauty of Australia, but budget becomes a setback for you then the best option for you is to visit the country via having working holiday visa in Australia which is a safer option. This visa is perfect for all those who want to bear their travelling expenses via working at the local land. Working holiday is a temporary visa for young and enthusiastic people who want to have a trip in austral and at the same time work in Australia for approval a year in order to meet their staying expenses. This visa is intended to help young people to work and exchange the cultural values between Australia and other collateral companies.

Working holiday visa is applicable to those who are 18 years of age and not yet crossed 31 years of age and they do not have a child who accompanies the visa holder during a stay at the Australia. The candidate also has a valid passport from a country that come under the purview of working holiday visa in Australia. This holder of this visa gets ample of opportunities not just to work and travel Australia, but the holder of the visa can also study up to four months. They entire duration of the visa is 12 months during which up to six months the holder can work with a single employer. There is certain character requirement for obtaining such visas and the applicant must also have a clear character certificate. It is mandatory for the applicant to provide a police certificate for each country that the applicant has previously lived for a period of 12 months or more.

While a candidate applying for the first working holiday in Australia should be outside Australia when the visa is granted and for the second working holiday visa the candidate should be in Australia at the time of applying for this visa and approval of the visa. If the candidate is not within the country at the time of applying the visa, then the candidate is required to be outside the country while the visa is granted to them. 2nd year visa work gives another phase of opportunities to the candidate for working and travelling the country.

Working holiday visa is not granted to all the countries. There are certain countries the citizen of which is entitled for such visa. The countries that are eligible are Canada, Belgium, UK, France, Germany, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Sweden, Hong Kong Taiwan and many more.

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