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Regional New South Wales - Live through fun filled fruit picking in NSW!

Posted on 16th of Jul 2015

Fruit picking in NSW is a seasonal and harvest work that is a backpacker’s lovely dream. Fruit picking in NSW is an amazing way to compensate for all the outstanding experiences and adventures. You can pick your way to any breathtakingly beautiful fruit picking farm. New South Wales has fruit picking work all year round and offers a wide variety of fruit picking options to the working holiday people as if they don’t like picking a specific fruit, then they can pick fruit from another farm. Fruit picking is the regional work of the Australians to earn their living as well as travelers can enjoy this activity. Obviously, this regional work is taken due to the money offers and to enjoy the exotic nature of Australia. Sweet fruit picking season in New South Wales is from November to April but February is the peak season for a fun- filled fruit adventure. The main fruit produce in NSW includes cherries, grapes, oranges, blueberries, apples, pears, etc. Farmhands, fruit pickers, migrant workers all find easy regional work in NSW. Grape picking is the favorite next to orange picking. Regional work offers high quality work and life.

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