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Working Holiday Visa in Australia

Posted on 07th of Apr 2015

You need to be at around 18 years to 30 years to obtain a working holiday visa in Australia. You should have a passport of United Kingdom, Canada, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Estonia, Netherlands, Norway, Hong Kong, Japan, Malta, Taiwan, Korea or Sweden. You should have enough money to cover your travelling expenses and in some cases; you can be asked to show a bank statement, where you should have minimum 5000$ AUS. However, the required money also depends on the travelling, work plans and the total time of stay. The visa allows you to have a temporary employment during your stay in the country. This special working holiday visa is actually a multiple-entry document. That means, you are allowed to leave and re-enter the country during your stay.

Australia is a big country with different weather and temperatures. So, it offers a lot of options for regional work. With the diverse and varied climate, farmers are really into the agriculture. And that is why; you will find the regional work almost everywhere in Australia. It enhances the opportunity for the visitors to work and earn money. You have to fill the form at Australian High Commission and complete the other formalities. On the other hand, you can contact, as they help you getting these formalities done with an appropriate guidance about the regional work.

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