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Working holiday visa in Australia: Get the finest fruit picking Victoria experience!

Posted on 16th of Jul 2015

The working holiday visa in Australia allows the tourist to work casually in Australia in order to supplement his holiday travel. The basic requirements for a person opting for working holiday visa in Australia are – The age should be eighteen to thirty years, a valid passport is a must with minimum six months until the renewal, and sufficient funds to support the arrival in Australia. A person who is having a working holiday visa might enjoy the fruit picking experience truly. The fruit picking jobs in Victoria is paid on a contractual basis or based on piece rate system.

If you are on a working holiday in Australia for a special occasion or you just want to taste the sunshine, fresh sweet summer fruit and country air, you can opt for picking the fruits and spending a day at Victoria’s popular berry orchards and local farms. Whether you want to pick raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, youngberries, you will be definitely amazed at the superior quality, freshness and choice of fruits which are picked directly from the farms or fields. Get your family together and plan the perfect road trip with your family and friends to fill your basket with amazing fruit picking Victoria work.

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