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Use Our 88 Day Calendar to Keep Track of Your Completed Work

When staying at hostel that uses the Working Hostels Australia reservation software, you can access your own 88-day calendar and watch the days you have worked build up. Each day you complete some regional fruit picking work, the hostel will fill in the 88-day calendar, confirming your attendance with for that day of work.

Once all 88 days are confirmed by your hostel and you have the correct visa paper work completed and confirmed by the farmer, you can print of your 88-day calendar and send it in with your application.

Our 88-day calendar has been approved as valid supporting evidence in an application of a 2nd year working holiday visa.

The calendar is easy to follow, the process is as below:
  • Make a booking with one of WHA associated hotels.
  • Once you are registered and booked into a hostel, your details will be stored and your calendar will be generated.
  • Once you have completed your first working day at the hostel, your calendar will update and you will have 87 days left.
  • At the end of your completed 88-days, you can then print the calendar and attach it to your 2nd year working holiday visa application.

Please note: If you work with one employer for the whole 88 days your calendar will class you as "fulltime" therefore you will be signed off on your calendar for 7 days a week. If you are to switch hostels at anytime, your calendar will update and you will lose the extra days that were given to you under a "fulltime" classification, only being signed off for the days you have worked.

An example of a 88 Day Calendar is below: